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Quality Control

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Types Of Quality Control Process



The quality control process is divided into 3 separate processes, which are IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (in-process quality control), and OQC (outgoing quality control).

  • IQC - Incoming Quality Control

Incoming quality control is the process of inspecting the raw and component materials from suppliers upon arrival. When you found the defective parts, you need to negotiate with the supplier for return or exchange, and the ultimate purpose is to make sure your product quality will not be affected. Below is a sample flowchart of the IQC process.


  • IPQC - In-process Quality Control

IPQC refers to quality control during the assembly process. It is crucial because you can detect and handle the problem that occurs ahead of time.


  • OQC - Outgoing Quality Control

OQA is the inspection of products before shipping. It's a crucial step in ensuring the shipment is defect-free.



 Types Of Support To Customer

We can offer various types of support to its customers. Some common types of support include:


1.       Technical support: We can provide technical assistance to help customers install, use, or troubleshoot a product.

2.       Training and education: We can offer training and educational resources to help customers better understand how to use a product or service.

3.       After-sales service: We can provide after-sales service, such as repair or maintenance, to ensure that a product continues to function properly.

4.       Customer service: We can offer customer service to help customers with any questions or issues they may have regarding a product or service.

5.       Customization: We can provide customized products or services to meet the specific needs of a customer.

6.       Supply chain management: We can assist with supply chain management, such as inventory management, to ensure that a customer has the products they need when they need them.

7.       Quality control: We can implement quality control measures to ensure that products meet the required quality standards.


Overall, we can offer a range of support to its customers, depending on their needs and the nature of the product or service being provided.