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Hydraulic Power Tong

  • A Hydraulic Power Tong is a device used in the oil and gas industry to make up or break out threaded connections of drill pipes, casing, and tubing used in drilling and completion operations. The power tong is hydraulically powered and operated by a hydraulic power unit, which provides the necessary torque to make up or break out the connections.
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Detailed information

Hydraulic power tong is used for quick make-up/break-out thread during oilfield workover operations, and it is suitable for tubing ranging from 42mm to 140mm(1.66”~5-1/2”), small drill pipe and small casing, as well as sucker rod at the range of 16mm-28mm(5/8”~1-1/8), compared with the similar kind of other hydraulic power tong, it has following advantages: compact structure, easy for operation, reliable performance, long service life and large output torque, etc. It can be used both land and offshore oilfields. Using the product can reduce labor strength, increase working efficiency and working quality. The product is designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 7K Specification.