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  • Centrifugal Pump & Screw pump are an ideal pump for mud circulation system.
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Centrifugal Pump

Features and Benefits

1.Alloy cast iron for pump body, longer usage life.

2.Precision casting technology immensely reduce the incidence of defects.

3.Mechanical seal and Asbestos seal.

4.Imported SKF bearing and FKM oil seal.

5.Can be replaceable with Mission pump.

6.Pump body is precision casting.

Screw Pump

1. Screw pump is an ideal pump for feeding to decanter centrifuge. The main parts are screw shaft(rotor) and screw shaft bushing(stator). Because of special geometry shape of these two parts, the pump forms pressurize capacity separately, and the waste fluids flow along with the shaft. Slow inner flow speed, remaining capacity and steady pressure make it won't generate vortex and agitating. Usually shaft of screw pump is made from stainless steel, TR screwy pump is available for complete stainless-steel body.

2. lt can drive by coupler, or adjust the speed by using variable speed motor, triangle V-belt and gear box etc. Our screw pump is with less accessories, compact structure, small volume and easy maintenance. Rotor and stator are vulnerable arts of this pump. and they are easy to replace. Stator is made of synthetic rubber material. it has particular advantages than other pumps to transfer the fluids with high viscosity and hard suspended particles.